Dear Great-Grandma,

Starting over isn’t new to you.

You were a child during the Great Depression, a teen when FDR and Hitler reigned the headlines, and a young mom when our food system started to conflict with who you are.

You’ve seen this country oscillate from pinching rations to drowning in crappy food. And it can be so frustrating when something so core to who you are devolves into something so removed from who you are.

But, like so much in your own life, starting over has strengthened you.

And starting over with our food system will strengthen us, too. Where the right thing, for our body and world, is delicious. And more affordable. So you can bake your great-granddaughter cookies and feel proud of what you’re feeding her— regardless of whether you remove stamps from a white envelope or a platinum card from a leather wallet.

At Hampton Creek, we’ve built a movement—and the fastest-growing food company on earth—around this belief.

This movement requires you and all that you’ve learned. We need you to share one way, whether in our homes or in our halls of policy, to make food better for everyone. Just email that one way to me directly at [email protected]. And we’ll bring your voice to the most influential policymakers, the biggest food companies, and a few billionaires.

We need you to strengthen us,

Josh Tetrick, CEO & Founder

PS: You can always reach me directly at 415-404-2372.