Dear CEOs,

We’ve become satisfied.

It’s difficult to see the world without preconceptions. But making a significant impact requires us to close our eyes — and open them back up as if we’re seeing the world for the very first time.

To see a world without those rules that lock us in is to see, well, a better way. Potentially many times better. And how we feed ourselves, something that consumes us as a company that makes better food, requires abandoning what we think we know.

The only way to feed lots of folks is to feed them lots of crappy food. Because crappy food is cheap. And it’s tasty. And it’s easy. And we all nod our heads, not because we don’t care, but because there doesn’t seem to be a better way. A carrot is 30% more expensive today. A can of corn-based soda? 34% cheaper. It’s an approach to food we’ve had since 1972.

If we think with the same mental model, if we do the same things that created a world of crappy food, we’re not going to create something that is just better.

What would it look like if we started over?

The Hampton Creek belief requires a different approach to food: the only way the good thing wins is when the good thing is so radically better than the not-so-good thing that you cannot help but do it. If it’s not affordable and delicious, it’s completely irrelevant to solving the problem. Just ask your dad.

That’s our philosophy of change.

It’s the reason why Compass Group and Whole Foods and Walmart, forward-thinking companies that provide billions of meals a year to our families, call Hampton Creek their partner.

And this is our impact, just in 2015:

1.5 billion gallons of water saved
11.8 billion milligrams of sodium avoided
2.8 billion milligrams of cholesterol avoided

Talk soon,

Josh Tetrick, CEO & Founder

PS: You can start over with us. Reach me at (415) 404-2372 or [email protected].