Dear 23-year-old,

You're radically pragmatic. Ecologically intelligent and socially inclusive.

And more than any generation before, you have a commitment to common good over individual gain—an ethos that reaches across traditional divisions such as race, ideology, partisanship.

And despite all the good in you, millions of you continue to pursue the same old career paths. Choosing a compromise career—because you're scared or just don’t know of another way—is the surest path to emptiness.

“Why the lightbulb?” someone your age once asked Thomas Edison. “I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent.” One hundred years later, Edison's answer should be your answer.

At Hampton Creek, we're consumed with answering what the world needs in food. Our food system isn't resilient or safe or aligned with our values. So we decided to start over. And it's the reason why Hampton Creek scientists and coders and chefs find meaning and money everyday.

And in the last few weeks, we've written letters to the leaders of our global food system, asking them to start over with us. But that's not our point in this letter. We're asking you to start companies that compete directly with us. To join companies that care enough to start over in food. And to be clear, there's a lot of work to be done.

This isn't a story about being a martyr. Selflessness is profitable.

Talk soon,

Josh Tetrick, CEO & Founder

PS: You can start by reaching me at (415) 404-2372 or [email protected].